Product Claims

Unsafe products can cause serious injury. 

Whenever a product is sold to consumers, it must be safe for its intended use.  If
 a product causes personal injury, and the injury was not due to misuse, the person injured has the legal right to make a compensation claim against the manufacturer or retailer responsible.

If you've been injured as a result of using a faulty or unsafe product, you could be entitled to make a defective product compensation claim.

Reasons why you might want to pursue a defective product claim:

- Burns caused by malfunctioning hair styling equipment.
- Skin blemishes caused by contaminated cosmetic products.

- Receiving shocks from unsafe electrical appliances.
- Burns or rashes from 'toxic sofas'.
- Broken fingers caused by badly designed equipment.

Making a claim can also draw attention to the negligent manufacturer or retailer.  You may be able to prevent others from having to endure a similar experience. Where there are several incidents related to a particular product, the manufacturer should issue a product recall.

You could be entitled to make a defective product claim, call us now on 07904 620840 or e-mail:

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