Police Claims

Claims Actions Against The Police

Police officers perform a crucial role in society, and for the most part perform it well. 
But with that role comes great responsibilities to protect and serve the public. That duty is sometimes neglected, and can result in serious distress, injury or wrongful arrest.

If you believe that you have been subject to wrongful police action, we can help you pursue a claim for compensation.

Reasons why you might want to pursue a claim against the police:

- Wrongful arrest.
- Claims relating to excessive force.
- If
you feel that the police may have violated your rights through the abuse or misuse of stop and search procedures.
- Police negligence in custody.

Our specially selected solicitors have pursued a number of cases by those who have been mistreated by the police.

You could be entitled to make a claim against the police, call us now on 07904 620840 or e-mail: info@dmlegalclaims.com
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