Military Compensation

Ministry of Defence employees include Army, Navy and Royal Air Force personnel, as well as civilians employed by the MOD.
These employees have the same employment rights as employees in any other type of workplace. Therefore, if their employer's negligence causes them an injury, they could be eligible to make a claim.

Obviously members of the armed forces are regularly exposed to very dangerous situations but, by imposing strict safety guidelines and training, most accidents are totally avoidable. In fact, many injuries to military personnel occur outside conflict zones, in a training environment, both in the UK and abroad.

Reasons why you might want to pursue a military compensation claim:

- Injury may take place during explosive training.
- Parachute jumping.
- Driving heavy goods vehicles.
- Using faulty guns or combat equipment.
- Being exposed to dangerous chemicals.
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (t
his can cause depression, panic attacks, nightmares or flashbacks and severe feelings of survivor’s guilt.)

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