Fatal Accident Claims

DM Legal know that this is an extremely difficult time for you, and a very distressing subject. There is nothing as devastating as the unexpected death of a loved one following an accident. Faced with such overwhelming circumstances, many find it difficult to take the right action or ask the right questions. That is why we can assure you that fatal accident claims are handled with the utmost compassion and respect.  If a close family member has died in a fatal accident that was not their fault we can help you. Your call will be treated in complete confidence. 

You may be able to claim for:

- Loss of future earnings of the deceased.
- Other financial losses, such as loss of your own earnings due to the bereavement.
- Bereavement damages, to compensate for emotional distress.

Our selected lawyers can represent relatives through the whole process, from notification of the death to the inquest into the accident and beyond.

You could be entitled to make a fatal accident claim, call us now on 07904 620840 or e-mail: info@dmlegalclaims.com

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