As this may be your first experience with a legal cases it is natural for you to have lots of questions. We would like to encourage you to come forward and ask questions about anything you are not sure about.

Some of the main questions we are asked is the following:

Q. What can DM Legal do for me?
We are an independent legal services company who specialise in helping people claim for financial compensation. We offer free and fair advice on making a civil claim and let you decide how you want to run your case.

Q. How does DM Legal differ from other companies?
We believe in offering honest advice regarding your case and we will even point out your options with other methods such as legal aid etc.  We also believe in making ourselves available to our clients 5 days a week in cases of emergency or just for advice.

Q. Will I be able to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about straight away?
Yes, your call will be taken by either Donna or Alison from DM Legal who are both Strathclyde University Law
graduates with experience in civil court procedures.  We do not operate an outside call centre.

Q. Will I be able to deal with just one person throughout my claim?
Yes, usually, the person who deals your case will be your main contact throughout the whole claims process. You will also be given their mobile telephone number which is active 12-18 hours a day.

Q. Do I have to see a solicitor?
It depends on your claim.  After meeting with you and obtaining your information we will know if you need a solicitor.  If so, we will arrange for one of our carefully selected specialist solicitors to represent you.  Our aim is to make the process as easy for you as possible and to cause minimum disruption to you during the claim process.  

Q. What is it going to cost me for DM Legal?
After our free consultation meeting and you decide that you want us to represent you then you will have to pay a legal administration fee of £100; then n
othing until you get your settlement.  We get paid once you have received your claim money. Guaranteed!!! On settlement we would take 20% to cover our legal costs.

Q. Are there complicated forms to fill in?
No, you complete some basic information either over the phone, face to face or on-line.

Q. Will I have to go to court? 
If the compensation amount cannot be agreed, or if defendant denies liability, we may have to go to court to fight for your compensation.

Q. What do I do next?
Call us on 01698 308986 or text 07904 620840 and we will explain how we operate and explain the options available to you on pursuing a civil case. Or, if you are satisfied with this web site and the information supplied, then just complete the online contact form
and we will do the rest.


Contact DM Legal on 01698 308986 or text 07904 620840

** Please note we are not registered with the Law Society of Scotland and are not a firm of solicitors (as yet).  DM Legal are a legal services company.

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