Accidents at Work

We can assist you if you have been involved in an injury at work.  In the construction industry, building sites, in heavy and light industries, in factories and in warehouses.  Accidents occur that cause injuries to workers.  Your employer has a duty to provide a safe environment. 

Injuries can leave you out of work, losing out on earnings, as well as often resulting in long term health problems. And in the short term there’s the physical and mental pain endured. 

Reasons why you might want to pursue a work accident claim:

- Injury caused by unsuitable or damaged equipment.
- Contact with dangerous materials.
- Insufficent or non training - includes manually lifting or handling.
- Poor health and safety training. 
- Continual exposure to incorrect working procedures.
- I
ncorrect tools for a job.
- Tripping over discarded material on the workplace floor.
- Scaffolding claims.
- Debris or machinery falling from scaffolding.
- Industrial deafness.

The incident has to have taken place in the last three years and been reported and put in the accident book.

Do not be afraid of claiming as your employer will have insurance. Your employer has to treat you fairly and can not dismiss you for making a compensation claim.

You could be entitled to make a work accident claim, call us now on 07904 620840 or e-mail:




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