DM Legal Claims Ltd
 was established in June 2012 by Donna-Marie Gray.  After seven years of legal studies and widespread research into the
legal industry, Donna set up the company to provide legal support and guidance to the people of Lanarkshire.  Studies show that legal costs are far too high for working class people, even when they are faced with a serious legal matter.  Even junior lawyers charge more than £100 per hour and the relatively simple matters like drafting a will or incorporating a business takes 8 to 10 hours or so.  As a result many people cannot afford to get divorced, pursue civil cases or defend themselves in the courts.  DM Legal believe that legal services should be cheaper, more accessible and better. Most importantly available to everyone, not just for the wealthy!

Donna-Marie is a Strathclyde University graduate with the following legal qualifications - B.A Law, LL.B Law and Diploma in Legal Practice, she has already completed 6 months of her traineeship and will be embarking on the route to qualification as soon as the equal pay cases are resolved.

Alison K Martin is the Legal Director and also a Strathclyde graduate and an incredible asset to DM Legal.  Donna and Alison both come from a working class, Lanarkshire background. After meeting at university they soon realised that many local people want access to justice and cannot afford the hourly fees that are needed for their civil case to be taken on. They decided to help with this and began to take on several civil cases on a no win, no fee basis. 

Their mission is to simplify the legal process so that working class people have access to the legal system.  All clients are clearly aware of what is going on and are kept updated on a one-to-one personal basis. DM Legal try to make the legal process hassle free!

It is a top priority to maintain client care by keeping in regular contact with all their clients and they pride themselves that they are built on honesty. They provide a 5 day personal service and unlimited availability to their legal knowledge.

DM Legal cover many different types of civil legal work, please have a look through the web-site for more information on the legal issues they can help you with.  Call our office on 01698 308986 or text 07904 620840.

**Please note we are not registered with the Law Society of Scotland and are not a firm of solicitors (as yet).  DM Legal are a legal services company.